5 Best Ice Baths for Cold-Water Therapy at Home

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Table of Content

Best Ice Baths


Top Picks for the Best Ice Baths for At-Home Cold Water Therapy 

Looking for the best cold plunge tubs?

We have you covered!

Ice baths have many benefits, from easing sore muscles to boosting recovery after exercise. The best ice baths have become a go-to option on top of a cold shower for quick and effective muscle strain relief at home. 

With a portable ice bath, you can enjoy these cool benefits any time without spending extra on a gym or spa. 

Before discussing the health benefits and tips for using these tools, let's review the top products we recommend. 

Best Ice Baths for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Whether recovering from intense workouts or simply wanting a refreshing plunge, the best ice baths work well for indoor and outdoor use. 

Here are the Polar Recovery Tub options you should check out: 

1. Polar Recovery™ Ice Bath Tub – Your Ultimate Recovery Companion

Ice Bath Tub

The Polar Recovery™ Ice Bath Tub is a robust and large vessel for individuals up to 6' 7". 

Designed for easy assembly in under 5 minutes, this ice bath tub allows you to swiftly begin your recovery session any time you please. It pairs a free protective cover with an easy-flow drainage system, making maintenance as breezy as your post-plunge calm.

Whether you're winding down after a marathon or winding up for the day ahead, this recovery tub caters to anyone daring enough to step into the rejuvenating embrace of ice-cold water.

What’s Included

  • 1 x Recovery Tub (85cm Diameter, 75cm Height, 320L Water Capacity)
  • 1 x Ice Bath Cover and Thermo Lid for retained temperatures
  • 1 x Hand Pump
  • 1 x Telescopic Drain Pipe
  • 8 x Support Poles for structural integrity
  • 1 x Cold Therapy Ebook for insightful guidance
  • 1 x Thermometer to monitor your icy venture
  • 1 x Ice Bath Mat for comfort and safety

What People Say About the Ice Bath

Customers really value the tub's high-grade construction, ease of assembly, and exceptional customer service. 

Its spacious design provides ample room for a soothing soak, while the durable materials ensure longevity and resilience.


  • Spacious enough for tall individuals
  • Complimentary cover for protection and reduced maintenance
  • Swift and simple assembly
  • Generous package bundle, including free accessories


  • Initial cold shock may be intense for newcomers to cold water therapy
  • Full water capacity may require significant ice to maintain ideal temperatures for some users

2. Polar Recovery Pro Large Ice Bath – The Shared Chill Journey

Large Ice Bath

The Polar Recovery Pro Large Ice Bath is perfect for couples, training partners, or anyone who prefers a larger space to embrace the therapeutic qualities of cold water immersion. 

This ice bath, which can be set up in less than 10 minutes, is about wellness, shared experiences, and convenience. It’s complete with a free carry backpack to ensure portability.

If you're passionate about joint recovery sessions or simply desire more room to stretch out and relax, the Polar Recovery Pro Large Ice Bath is the solution for you.

What’s Included

  • 1 x Recovery Pro Tub (150cm Length, 65cm Width, 75cm Height, 480L Water Capacity)
  • 1 x Recovery Pro Lid to maintain icy conditions
  • 1 x Pump for convenient water removal
  • 1 x Durable Carry Backpack for easy transport
  • 2 x Drainage Valves for a swift and easy flow
  • 1 x Informative Cold Therapy Ebook for enhancing your cold plunge knowledge

What People Say About the Ice Bath

Customers are generally quite pleased with the Polar Recovery Pro Ice Bath because of its efficiency and quality. 

Marathoners and triathletes cite the ease of reaching their preferred water temperature, while others commend the product's durability and the company's thoughtful inclusion of additional fittings. Its aesthetic appeal in home spa settings is also a noted highlight.


  • Large enough for two-person usage
  • Complimentary backpack for easy storage and transportation
  • Efficient setup in under 10 minutes
  • Sturdy material promising longevity


  • Size may require more storage space when not in use
  • Full capacity filling could be time-consuming for some users

3. Polar Recovery Pro Barrel – Spacious Recovery for All Statures

Polar Recovery Pro Barrel

The Polar Recovery Pro Barrel is tailored for individuals of all sizes, especially those who desire extra space to manoeuvre or require additional support when exiting the bath. 

It's a perfect choice for athletes aiming for peak performance through enhanced recovery routines, as well as anyone keen on integrating cold therapy into their self-care regimen. 

If you're transitioning from a smaller tub or have specific mobility needs, the Polar Recovery Pro Barrel is designed for your comfort.

What’s Included

  • 1 x Recovery Pro Barrel (150cm Length, 65cm Width, 75cm Height, 480L Water Capacity)
  • 1 x Recovery Pro Lid to maintain icy temperatures
  • 1 x Pump for expedient water removal
  • 1 x Carry Backpack for hassle-free portability
  • 2 x Drainage Valves for efficient emptying
  • 1 x Cold Therapy Ebook to guide your recovery journey

What People Say About the Ice Bath

Those with larger builds or requiring additional support have praised the barrel's robust construction. It withstands pressures up to 10psi and allows for secure assistance when standing up post-plunge, a major benefit for users with mobility considerations.


  • Ample size accommodates two people and is ideal for larger individuals
  • Strong material construction ensures stability and support
  • Quick and simple assembly process
  • Comes with everything needed for setup and maintenance


  • Might require more ice and water to reach the desired water level

4. Polar Recovery Elite Ice Tub  – Superior Comfort in Cold Therapy

Polar Recovery Elite Ice Tub

The Polar Recovery Elite Tub is a deluxe model in the world of ice baths, offering a spacious sanctuary for one or an intimate space for two. 

This tub is not just an accessory but a crucial part of any recovery and wellness routine. Its 5cm fibreglass reinforced thickness ensures durability and insulation, while its compatibility with chillers offers a controlled and consistent cold therapy session. 

Complete with a free hard lid, this tub stands out for its ease of maintenance and the promise of longevity.

What’s Included

  • 1 x Elite Tub (90cm Diameter, 80cm Height, 450L Water Capacity)
  • 1 x Elite Tub Hard Cover to protect against the elements
  • 1 x High-Pressure Foot Pump for swift inflation
  • 1 x Cold Therapy Ebook full of expert advice
  • 1 x Thermometer to monitor water temperature
  • 1 x Ice Bath Mat for added comfort and grip
  • 1 x Carry Bag for ease of transportation

What People Say About the Ice Bath

Customers have highlighted that the ample space allows for a comfortable seated position, even for very tall people. 

Its high-quality construction, far surpassing inflatable alternatives, provides a solid and reliable cold therapy solution. The Elite Tub’s impact on recovery has been praised, with users reporting noticeable advancements in their healing process and athletic performance.


  • Generous size suitable for individuals up to 6'7" or for two people
  • Robust 5cm fibreglass reinforced walls for excellent insulation and durability
  • Chiller compatibility for temperature regulation
  • Premium materials and quality design ensure a long-lasting product


  • Higher initial investment compared to basic models

5. Polar Recovery™ Ice Bath Tub 2.0 – Next-level Cold Immersion

Polar Recovery™ Ice Bath Tub 2.0

The Polar Recovery™ Ice Bath Tub 2.0 offers a blend of advanced features and practical amenities, ensuring that every cold therapy session is not just a plunge but a deeply invigorating experience.

This tub now comes with triple-thick insulation, promising to retain the icy temperatures for prolonged periods and make each session as effective as the last. 

Its large stature caters to the taller individual, while its enhanced insulation and chiller compatibility make it a haven for those serious about recovery and self-care.

What’s Included

  • 1 x Recovery Tub (85cm Diameter, 75cm Height, 320L Water Capacity)
  • 1 x Ice Bath Cover and Thermo Lid for temperature retention
  • 1 x Hand Pump for easy inflation
  • 1 x Telescopic Drain Pipe for efficient water removal
  • 8 x Support Poles ensuring robust construction
  • 1 x Cold Therapy Ebook for insightful cold immersion strategies
  • 1 x Thermometer to closely monitor your chilling journey
  • 1 x Ice Bath Mat for increased safety and comfort

What People Say About the Ice Bath

Customers say the Polar Recovery™ Ice Bath Tub 2.0 stands out for its durability, ease of setup, and comfort in use, even for taller people. 

While a minor critique was voiced regarding the drainage connection, the overall consensus reflects satisfaction with the material quality and cost-efficiency of the investment.


  • Enhanced insulation keeps water colder for longer
  • Suitable for tall individuals and two-person use
  • Chiller compatibility for precise temperature control
  • Robust construction paired with a straightforward assembly process
  • Complimentary items including a cover, Ebook, and ice bath mat


  • Drainage connection may not fit standard garden hoses, potentially complicating drainage without an adaptor

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Ice Baths

Selecting the best ice bath for your home means finding the model that fits your lifestyle, space, and personal preferences. Here are the key factors to weigh up before you make your choice.

Size and Capacity of the Ice Bath

Ensure it's large enough to accommodate your body comfortably but fits in your available space.

Material and Durability

Look for high-quality materials that can withstand the rigours of regular use and maintain temperature effectively.

Temperature Control Features

Options for precise temperature settings are essential for a customised therapy experience.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

You'll want your ice bath to be straightforward to fill, empty, and clean.

Safety and Comfort Design Elements

Consider aspects such as non-slip surfaces, edges that are comfortable to lean on, and overall stability.

Price Range and Value for Money

Compare the cost against the bath's features, durability, and the benefits it provides to ensure it's a worthwhile investment.

DIY Ice Baths vs. Commercially Available Options

You can make your own ice bath or invest in a commercial one. Let's explore the advantages and disadvantages of DIY solutions and see why investing in commercial options for long-term use is better. 

Pros and Cons of DIY Ice Bath Solutions



Cost-effective and can be made with readily available items like a large hot tub and ice.

It can be time-consuming to set up and manage the right temperature.

Flexibility to customize size and depth to personal preference.

Lack of insulation means ice melts quickly, potentially leading to inconsistent temperatures.

A sense of achievement from setting up your own therapy solution.

Safety features and comfort can be compromised compared to commercial baths.

When to Consider Investing in a Commercial Ice Bath

  • You’re using cold water therapy regularly, which will require consistent temperature control.
  • When you want additional safety and comfort features that a DIY solution can't offer.
  • For those who lack the time or desire to set up and break down a DIY ice bath with each use.
  • If you're looking for a long-term, durable ice bath with warranties and customer support.

Best Ice Bath Tub Maintenance Tips

Keeping your cold plunge tub in prime condition ensures it's always ready for use. Regular maintenance prolongs its life and safeguards your health. 

Here are tips to keep these tools in their best condition: 

  • Routine Cleaning: After each use, drain the tub and wash it down to remove any sweat or impurities.
  • Water Treatment: If you don't use fresh water each time, treat the water with safe, appropriate cleaning agents to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Regular Inspections: Check for signs of wear and tear, like cracks or insulation issues, which could affect the tub’s efficiency.
  • Proper Storage: If the tub isn’t used for an extended period, store it in a dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent damage.
  • Ice Quality: Use clean, pure ice to avoid contaminating the bath.
  • Monitor Temperature: Use a reliable thermometer to ensure the water stays at the desired temperature, and adjust your ice quantity accordingly.
  • Safety Equipment: Keep safety gear, like a non-slip mat or step stool, in good condition to prevent accidents during use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should You Be in an Ice Bath?

Regular ice baths should last between 10 to 15 minutes. Staying in too long can be risky, especially if you’re not used to the cold. Beginners should start with shorter durations and gradually increase as you become more accustomed.

What Temperature Should an Ice Bath Be?

An ideal ice bath temperature is 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. This range is cold enough to provide the benefits of cold water therapy without posing a high risk of hypothermia or other cold-related issues. 

Ready to Get Your Own Ice Bath?

Selecting the best ice bath is crucial for safely reaping the optimum benefits of cold water therapy. 

Integrate this practice responsibly into your routine, paying attention to duration and temperature. 

Personalize your ice bath experience by finding what works best for your body. More importantly, buy only items from legitimate brands.

Have you figured out what you need? Then check out the Polar Recovery collection today to find the best cold plunge tubs.

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